BYD Unveils New Airport Tow Tractor EVs

BYD unveiled two new electric tow tractor models, or tugs, this month. The tugs are suited for airport ground support equipment (GSE) needs including tarmacs and supporting aviation logistic centers and facilities, and also allow for rapid, restriction free charging.

BYD tugs offer greater energy and productivity efficiencies as well as lower operating costs and easier maintenance, as compared to its diesel, gas or lead acid battery counterparts. Unlike the latter, BYD’s batteries do not lose output with low charge or cold weather effects.

With a 25-ton towing capacity, BYD’s T250 rear cabin tug, and the T250F forward cabin tug, are heavy-duty solutions for both luggage transport and towing of regional jets. Using BYD’s proprietary iron-phosphate battery technology, the tugs are equipped with a fast charger integrated to the tractor.