Proterra and LG Chem Co-Develop New Heavy-Duty Market Battery Cell

Proterra, the leading manufacturer of electrified buses, and LG Chem, a leading manufacturing lithium-ion batteries, have teamed to create a battery cell made specifically for heavy-duty vehicle applications. The batteries are designed to have exceptional energy throughput, acceptance of high charge rates, and optimal energy density.

The longest-range electric transit bus on the market currently is Proterra’s Catalyst E2, introduced last year. That bus has a range of 350 miles per charge. To meet that buses’ requirements, LG Chem developed an advanced battery cell made specifically for the E2, featuring an energy density of 160 Wh per kilogram and 260 Wh per liter. That’s the most energy dense battery offered in the industry.

Now those batteries are available for other Proterra products and may become available to the industry as well. Proterra designed an ISO 26262-certified battery management system to monitor the temperature and voltage through 160 diagnostic streams per battery pack. Ballistic-grade materials surround the pack to withstand the toughest of working conditions as well. E2 packs can be configured for applications up to 1200 volts and 4 MWh in size.