Streetscooter Using BMW i3 Battery Packs in Delivery Vehicles


Streetscooter, a subsidiary of the Deutsche Post (DHL), is developing electric parcel delivery vehicles. The company has announced that they will be using battery packs from BMW in some of those electric vehicles. The battery packs are identical to those used in the i3 electric car.

The batteries are produced by the BMW Group Competence Center for Electric Mobility in Germany under the BMW i nameplate. BMW has announced other partnerships using the battery packs, including with Torqeedo, maker of electric boat propulsion systems. The i3’s battery packs are eight-module, 96-cell units with a total of 33 kWh of storage capacity. The packs include BMW’s internally-developed battery management and thermal management systems.

Streetscooter has also collaborated with industry leaders such as Ford and focuses on solutions for last-mile delivery.

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