XL Hybrids Launching Fleet-Ready PHEV Pickup Upfit

Fleet hybrid startup XL Hybrids has announced that they’ll be offering an “upfit” kit for fleet pickup trucks to convert them to plug-in hybrids. The package is offered as a kit for purchase to retrofit any common half-ton pickup truck from leading manufacturers into a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) variant, giving up to fifty percent in miles per gallon improvements for fuel economy.

“Expanding our offering to include plug-in solutions is the next step in our plan to electrify fleet vehicles with technology that saves money while reducing oil consumption and emissions,” said Tod Hynes, founder and chief executive officer of XL Hybrids. “The XLP system allows fleets to purchase the same, roadworthy OEM pickup trucks they always have – OEM powertrain and warranty fully intact – now with a proven electrified powertrain from XL Hybrids to significantly increase MPG. Fleets will have peace of mind knowing that their work truck will get the job done, with the same access to existing service infrastructure that fleets have always enjoyed.”