2018 MINI Cooper S E Countryman : Review


It should be clear by now that BMW has fallen in love with plugs. The MINI Cooper Countryman is the latest of the German automaker’s line to get electrified. So far, every plug-in that BMW has built has been a winner, from the big X5 to the beautiful 5-Series. The Countryman, being the biggest MINI (ha!), is no exception to the “plugs are better” rule at BMW.

Unlike dedicated electrics from BMW like the i8 and i3, the MINI S E Countrymanis instead a hybrid version of the gasoline-powered model Countryman. It’s a very different version of a MINI with a plug than was the MINI Cooper EV, which dumped the back seat in favor of a big battery. The S E Countryman is almost identical to its gasoline-powered counterpart in terms of interior space and exterior looks.

The good news is that with the weight gains and retuning added to accommodate that plug, the MINI S E Countryman drives, feels, and handles better than its standard gasoline stablemate.

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