2024 BMW i4 Carries the 4 Series Into Electrification

BMW introduced the i4 with the new 4 Series back in 2022 as the all-electric version of the sedan. Unlike many EVs on the market, the i4 is almost exactly like its internal combustion engine siblings in the 4 Series lineup and is, instead, just another powertrain option. It’s a BMW and we like that approach.

The i4 gets an all-wheel drive model this year as the xDrive40 model. This adds some power output with the extra motor to run the other axle. This version of the i4 is our favorite, hands down, with its better response and more balance power output. Especially if the M50 model is chosen to add that signature M sportiness.

The 4 Series is a comfortable design for a small luxury sedan, with a fastback rear design with a hatchback trunk. In these electrified i-series models, which include the eDrive35, eDrive40, xDrive40, and M50, the BMW i4 gets batteries and electric motors instead of combustion engines and transmissions.

The eDrive35 model has a rear-axle electric motor producing 282 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. The eDrive40 has a stronger motor producing 335 hp and 317 lb-ft. The xDrive40 adds another motor to the front axle, upping power output to 396 hp and 443 lb-ft. And the M50 has dual motors with a total output of 469 horses and 538 lb-ft. Plus a boost mode button that pushes HP to 536 and torque by another 50 pounds.

Each of these models, thanks to their power output, also have different total driving ranges per charge (all EPA estimates). The eDrive35 offers 276 miles per charge, the eDrive40 has 301, the xDrive40 307, and the M50 269.

This year, we drove the 2024 BMW i4 M50 model. Its range in the real world was a little less than EPA estimates, which is common with EVs in our experience. Closer to 240 miles than 269. Charge times were also hard to determine as the public charger we prefer to use for high-speed testing was out of commission the week we had the i4. Our home charger, at 50 amps, fed the i4 a steady 40.3 amps for most of its charge time and then slows at about 80 percent charge. Which is common. Charging from home starting at 23 percent and going to 100 took about 6.5 hours.


On the road, the 2024 i4 feels like a BMW. Everything is Bimmer from the switch locations to the instruments and drive quality. Although not as dynamic in terms of raciness, thanks to the quiet power delivery and lack of shifting, the i4 is quick and hugs the road nicely.

The comfort levels in the i4 are also very good. The 4 Series is BMW’s entry level option and the i4 is the lowest-cost BMW EV available right now. But none of that means compromises in comfort, technology, etc.

We like the BMW i4, especially in its M50 variant. We’ve driven both the base model and the M50 and are happy with either as an option, but the M50 does add some performance upgrades that are great. Better brakes, a unique rear spoiler, high performance tires, and 20 inch wheels are all included. For those on a tighter budget, though, the eDrive40 and xDrive40 models have an M Sport package that adds a few similar items that give the same vibe.

The 2024 BMW i4 has a starting price of $53,195 plus delivery. We drove the M50 model, with options, at $64,000 or so.

This review originally published on DriveModeShow.com.

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