9th-generation Toyota Camry Is Hybrid-Only


Toyota has unveiled the 2024 Camry at the AutoMobility LA show and it is exclusively a gasoline-electric hybrid. The new hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) format for the Camry, which follows other Toyota models as hybrid-exclusive offerings, will have more power and fuel efficiency than ever before.

Powering the Camry is Toyota’s first sedan pairing of its 2.5-liter, 4-cylinder engine and fifth-generation Toyota Hybrid System (THS 5). The THS 5 system uses lighter and more compact electric motors to produce more power and enhanced performance when compared to the previous hybrid system. This results in a 225 net combined horsepower in front-wheel drive models and 232 HP on all-wheel drive models.

Fuel efficiency is enhanced by new tuning that reduces engine RPM at lower speeds by increasing power from the traction battery to provide a torquier feel without engaging the combustion engine. Further, all grades (models) of the 2024 Camry will have all-wheel drive as an option.

Toyota is promising more information, including fuel economy results, closer to the 2024 Camry’s launch in the spring of 2024.