About EV Meme

The website “EVmeme.com” has been around for several years, under the ownership of Aaron Turpen. It’s seen several renditions as a place to talk about alternative powertrains and as a news aggregator specializing in alt-fuels and electrified vehicles. It’s currently where Aaron talks about the transportation industry and how it’s changing towards a future of electrification and automation.

Aaron Turpen is an automotive journalist living in Wyoming in the USA. Aaron writes about cars, trucks, SUVs, and commercial vehicles for a living and is aware that the landscape of automotive and transportation is changing. His unique perspective incorporates the landscape of yesterday, today, and tomorrow for automotive’s future. Aaron is best known for his pragmatic, unbiased view of the industry as electrification and automation begin to gain footholds in the marketplace.

Readers of EV Meme will learn what is happening in the industry as these future technologies begin to become the tech of today. They will also find that Aaron is realistic in his editorial assessments of what is coming and when as well as why some things that seem like the obvious answer may not, in fact, become the answer. A lover of horsepower, an engine’s roar, and the breakneck speed of electric torque, Aaron sees both of these propulsion choices as being a solution – it’s about the problem being solved. Just as combustion fuels each have their advantages and disadvantages, so do batteries and fuel cells have their pros and cons. In the end, what we’ll likely find is that as technology grows, so will our realization that many options are better than just one.

Ultimately, perhaps, gasoline may or may not be replaced. The goal is for car and truck buyers to be the real winner as automation options and any of a number of powertrain choices become our norm. Our future may not be the vanilla “one car fits all” that science fiction often imagines, but will likely be one where choices large and small (and everything in between) are offered to consumers who are more empowered than they’ve ever been.

That, in the end, is what EV Meme is all about. Learning about these emerging technologies in transportation and how they’ll be applied now and in the future.

No Bots or AI

The content here at EVmeme is written by human hands. There is no artificial intelligence (AI) used at EVmeme.com in our writeups. Most of our photography is provided by the manufacturers or principals on which we’re reporting. Those graphics may or may not include AI input and EVmeme cannot control that, but we will note AI usage whenever we are aware of it.