Audi and Navistar Show C-V2X Tech for School Zone Safety


Audi of America, Navistar, and tech partner Applied Information are demonstrating the role that direct communication via cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) can play for school bus safety. The technology and its implementation can create a safer environment for children traveling to and from school via bus.

The demonstration has an equipped Audi vehicle receiving real-time direct message alerts when approaching a connected school bus. The stopped school bus, with its lights deployed, alerts the car as it approaches, allowing the driver ample time to slow and stop for students embarking or exiting the bus. The system works even if the bus is not directly visible to the driver, such as when around a corner or behind obstructions.

On the bus driver’s side, an alert to the approaching vehicle is given. This includes whether the vehicle will be able to stop in time. This gives the driver the ability to keep doors closed or signal children to stay on the curb until it is safe.

The Audi-Navistar C-V2X system allows up to 10 communications per second at distance of up to 400 yards. This removes the latency of requiring connections to cell tower networks as vehicles inter-communicate directly.

This latest demonstration follows on similar tests and demonstrations of C-V2X involving school zones, construction zones, and bicyclists. Audi plans to also test with motorcycles, emergency vehicles, and pedestrians.