BrightDrop Adds Mexico To Electric Van Sales Territory


BrightDrop, a division of General Motors, has added Mexico to its North American sales territory. The company produces electric delivery vans, the Zevo 400 and Zevo 600. The company launched in 2021 to sales in the U.S. followed by Canada the next year. Adding Mexico brings a new market for the EV vans.

BrightDrop builds its electric vans at GM’s CAMI Assembly in Ontario, Canada. Making that facility Canada’s first large-scale electric vehicle factory. The Zevo 600 is currently in production with the Zevo 400 being added in late 2023.

“Bringing BrightDrop’s products to Mexico is a key move in our mission to decarbonize delivery globally, while helping customers take advantage of the economic benefits of going electric. Electrifying vehicle fleets can positively impact the environment and companies’ bottom lines. By bringing BrightDrop solutions closer to our customers throughout North America, we can help make the EV transition as seamless as possible.” – Steve Hornyak, chief commercial officer, BrightDrop.