BrightDrop Delivers Zevo 600 to Ryder


Continuing its contract with Ryder, which will result in 4,000 BrightDrop units being delivered to its facilities across the U.S. through 2025, BrightDrop delivered the first of 200 planned units for 2023. The Zevo 600s that were delivered are a milestone in the plans to reach Ryder’s goals and were delivered to four facilities in California, Texas, and New York.

“Electrifying commercial fleets can reduce operating emissions without sacrificing range, safety or performance. By adding BrightDrop EVs to its fleet offerings, Ryder is helping make electrification possible for companies big and small.” –Steve Hornyak, chief commercial officer, BrightDrop.

The BrightDrop Zevo 600 electric vans are now available as rentals at Ryder locations in Santa Fe Springs and Hayward, California, Saginaw, Texas, and Long Island City, New York. The Zevo 600 has a range of up to 250 miles per charge and can support payloads of up to 2,450 pounds. Cargo capacity is 615 cubic feet.

The vans are part of Ryder’s new RyderElectric+ turnkey EV fleet solution, introduced earlier this year.

“Working with companies such as BrightDrop keeps Ryder at the forefront of identifying and testing advanced and emerging vehicle technology, and we’re excited to incorporate these new EVs into our fleet. Through our partnerships with technology providers and equipment manufacturers, Ryder can offer commercial fleet management solutions that drive sustainability and operational goals for our customers.” –Tom Havens, president of fleet management solutions, Ryder.