Careful Bus Completes Pilot Deployment of XL Hybrid School Buses in NYC


XL recently completed a successful pilot deployment of school buses with Careful Bus Company in New York City outfitted with the XL hybrid system. The XLH system uses regenerative braking during deceleration and electric assist during acceleration to increase fuel economy.

The system, which was installed on five of the company’s standard Ford E-Series vehicles in just a few hours, is expected to increase miles driven per gallon by 25% and improve brake life, while decreasing CO2 emissions by 20%.

Careful Bus, which operates a fleet of about 100 student transportation vehicles as part of a contract with the New York City Department of Education, has been an early adopter of many innovative transportation technologies over its 45-year history, including GPS technology, dashboard cameras and thumb scanner equipment.

The new hybrid gas/electric school buses are a fit for the company’s commitment to clean energy and the city’s ongoing initiatives to reduce emissions and fossil fuel reliance, and Careful Bus plans to dedicate 5-10% of its fleet bus purchases to XL hybrid electric vehicles each year moving forward.