Chrysler Unveils Halcyon Concept With a Surprise

Chrysler has unveiled its Halcyon Concept electric vehicle, marking the way forward for the company’s move to all-electric powertrains by 2028. The Halcyon is a sports sedan concept which heralds its first planned electric vehicle coming in 2025.

The Chrysler Halcyon Concept EV utilizes Lyten 800V lithium-sulfur batteries. These are nickel-, cobolt-, and manganese-free batteries with a 60 percent lower carbon footprint than today’s best-in-class lithium-ion options. The batteries are still experimental, of course, and aren’t likely to be in the 2025 production vehicle Chrysler will unveil later. But Chrysler is in close cooperation with Lyten on this new battery technology.

The Halcyon Concept is designed on the STLA large platform and is meant to showcase the streamlined vision and exterior character of upcoming Chrysler vehicles. Currently, the only vehicle still in production under the Chrysler marque (in North America) is the Pacifica minivan. Which is hard to envision with the Halcyon’s design motif. So it can be assumed that the upcoming EV model to be showcased is probably not a minivan.

Technologies in the Halcyon’s conceptual design include Active Aero Technology with a sliding rear lower diffuser, a rear spoiler, and air suspension to control aerodynamics and driving dynamics. Inductive charging technology, via the Halcyon’s undercarriage, is also designed in.

Inside, the Halcyon Concept includes an augmented-reality full-screen head-up display. Artificially intelligent functionality allows the driver to ask the vehicle anything and over-the-air updates deliver the latest features. Further, the AI system allows the vehicle to communicate issues and diagnose for fixes via the OTA network.

The AI system also allows for a virtual assistant within the vehicle to help schedule the day and seamlessly connect with smart phones, home thermostats, and more. Personalized interior comfort settings and climate controls are also integrated. Chrysler also envisions a fully-autonomous vehicle that can navigate traffic and congestion in real-time.

In the back seats, a voice activation or biometric identification can retract the seating into the cargo (trunk) area in a sort of sedan version of Stow ‘n Go popular in the Pacifica minivan. This opens rear seat space for cargo such as pet kennels, groceries, etc.

The Halcyon is a conceptual vehicle only, of course, but it does show where Chrysler hopes to be in a few years. Many of the technologies being shown are currently in development and nearing final stages in readiness for the real world.