Continental Introduces New Aluminum Wheel and Braking Concept


Continental has a new wheel and braking concept for electric vehicles. The New Wheel Concept is a vehicle wheel with two aluminum parts, an inner carrier “star” and an outer rim well to hold the tire. The New Wheel Concept brake engages the disc from the inside, allowing for a large-diameter braking surface.

The design also allows a wheel to regenerate electricity by allowing the vehicle to wait longer before engaging the friction brakes.

“Electromobility needs new solutions for braking technology too. Using conventional brakes is not very effective in this case,” says Matthias Matic, Head of Continental’s Hydraulic Brake Systems Business Unit. “The New Wheel Concept meets all the demands that electric driving places on the brake. We used our braking know-how to develop a solution that provides a consistently reliable braking effect in the electric vehicle.”

The aluminum New Wheel Concept reduces the weight of the wheel and brake, enabling lightweight construction in EVs. Advantages of the concept are much easier wheel and brake pad changes and that the disk is not subject to wear.
Continental will demonstrate the New Wheel Concept during the International Motor Show, IAA in Frankfurt/Main next month.
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