Cummins Unveils Next-Gen Energy-Diverse Products and Tech Solutions


“Cummins has always been an innovator,” stated Congressman Luke Messer. “Today serves as the latest example of how this thriving Indiana business is developing cutting-edge technologies that will shape the manufacturing industry for decades to come. It was an honor to join Cummins today and support the thousands of Hoosiers that work for this great Indiana company.”

Cummins put on display the company’s latest near-zero natural gas engine technology, super-efficient diesel engines (with plans to introduce a new heavy-duty diesel engine in 2022), and a fully-electric class 7 demonstration tractor.

During the unveiling of AEOS, the first fully electric, zero emission truck, at the Cummins Technology Center on Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2017 in Columbus, Ind. (AJ Mast/AP Images for Cummins)

The latter is a powertrain concept truck designed as an urban transport hauler and local delivery carrier. This fully-electric (battery electric) truck uses 140 kWh of batteries and an electric powertrain capable of hauling up to 75,000 pounds with a range of about 100 miles per charge (in-city). The battery packs are modular, allowing more to be added if longer distances are necessary on a temporary or regular basis. Cummins says that the electric powertrain’s weight is roughly equivalent to the 12-liter diesel engine it replaces.

The truck is also designed to improve energy savings. “A regenerative braking system and the potential for solar panels on the trailer roof can send energy to the battery pack. Air drag is reduced by replacing side mirrors with an in-dash camera system. The truck achieves a significant air drag reduction via its highly streamlined design as well as a better sealed truck body and underbody – with no front radiator intrusion.”

To see pictures of the unveiling and a slideshow of the new Aeos demonstrator truck, visit Cummins here.