Deutsche Post DHL and Ford Unveil Electric Delivery Van

Deutsche Post DHL Group and Ford have presented a jointly-produced electric delivery van in Cologne, Germany. The van is called the StreetScooter Work XL and is based on a Ford Transit fitted with an electric powertrain under battery power. The bodywork is designed to fit Deutsche Post DHL specifications.

This year, around 150 of the e-vans will be manufactured and delivered in Germany. DHL plans to use the vans in its urban delivery services throughout Germany. Ford plans to build about 2,500 e-vans by the end of 2018. The StreetScooter Work XL will be a part of a trio of electric delivery vans with the StreetScooter name. The other two are the already-produced Work and Work L vans, both of which are smaller than the XL at 4 and 8 cubic meters of load volume respectively.

Each WORK XL could save around five tonnes of CO2 and 1,900 liters (502 gallons US) of diesel fuel each year. The vans have a volume of 20 cubic meters (roughly 200 average-sized parcels). A modular battery system delivers 30-90 kWh of power for a range of between 80 and 200 kilometers per charge (50-124 miles). Charging time is three hours or more, depending on the battery’s size.

Ford already has plans to build over 3,000 of the other two StreetScooter vans in 2017-18 on top of the 2,500 XL models to be made. Deutsche Post DHL is the largest e-fleet operator in Germany.