DOE Says EV Range In the U.S. Grew 56% in 7 Years

From 2011 to 2017, the median range of electric vehicles (battery-electric/all-electric) range in the United States increased by 41 miles, or 56 percent. That increase went from an average of 73 miles per charge to an average of 114 miles per charge. The Department of Energy (DOE) data is compiled annually through cooperation with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which also tracks how many EV models are sold in the U.S.

The DOE numbers, which are based on EPA range estimates, showed that in 2011 there were only three all-electric vehicles available in the U.S. with a range between 63 to 94 miles per charge. The number of available EV models increased to 15 in 2017 and ranges expanded from 58 miles at lowest (Smart ForTwo) to 335 miles at highest (Model S 100D).

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