Eaton Overhead Power Distribution Solution Introduced


Eaton, an intelligent power management company, has introduced the EV Charging Busway to simplify electric vehicle fleet charging. The solution eliminates costly cable runs and major modifications to existing structures. The EV Charging Busway enables fleets to expand or reconfigure existing structures with a usable EV fleet power solution.

Eaton’s Pow-R-Way III busway incorporates a 19.2 kW AC Level 2 charger into a bus plug for direct vehicle charging. The busway, suspended above the fleet’s parking, has quickly utilized hanging cords for easy plug-in. Charging units can slide to accommodate parking so that exact positioning is not required. Charging can take place while other operations, such as loading and unloading, commence.

The solution from Eaton combines existing technologies the company has leveraged for many years. It uses Eaton’s Green Motion EV charging hardware, which modulates power usage to avoid exceeding on-site capacity for power consumption. This integrates with software to allow the fleet owner to manage deployment and stations, prioritizing as needed to maximize charging needs and minimize costs.

The EV Charging Busway and Pow-R-Way III system is meant as a plug-and-play solution for EV fleet charging needs. It can also integrate with existing or future ground-based DC fast charging pedestals.