EDI Introduces Freightliner M2 Plug-in To Finish Class 3-6 Truck Offerings

Efficient Drivetrains Inc (EDI) has completed integration of its EDI PowerDrive Technology into a Freightliner M2. This completes EDI’s portfolio of Class 3 to 6 zero-emission utility vehicles with exportable power. The Freightliner joins EDI’s Ford, GM, and Peterbilt OEM refits.

The newest utility vehicle features the EDI PowerDrive 6000 plug-in electric drivetrain, delivering more than 25 miles of all-electric, zero-emissions driving, 300 more miles of range in hybrid modes, and reduces emissions by up to 80% when compared to conventional utility vehicles.

In addition, the optional exportable power capacity allows the truck to output 75-160 kW from the on-board batteries to power a neighborhood and eliminate planned power outages during repair or maintenance work. It can also provide short-term emergency backup power after a disaster.

The new EDI Freightliner is on display at the NTEA work truck show in the Freightliner booth.