Electrify America Announces “Hyper-Fast” EV Charging Station at Grand Canyon


Electrify America has announced the opening of a new charging station at the Grand Canyon Visitor’s Center in Arizona. The new station, a “hyper-fast” DC fast charging station, is at the south entrance of the Grand Canyon National Park. It features six chargers capable of speeds up to 350 kW.

The new station is in a line with similar stations in Kingman, Williams, and Flagstaff, Arizona. This gives a route from Las Vegas, Nevada, to the Grand Canyon park for EVs using the Electrify America network.

“The station at Grand Canyon Visitor Center really embodies Electrify America’s mission to create convenient and accessible high speed charging for EVs. We are thrilled to electrify the adventure road trip.” –Brandy Mathie,  director, site acquisition and portfolio management at Electrify America

While visiting the station, EV drivers can pay by credit or debit card, or by using the Electrify America mobile app.