Electrify America Partially Shuts Down Charging Network for Safety


At the recommendation of its supplier, Huber-Suhner, Electrify America is shutting down a majority of its high-powered chargers. A potential safety issue with liquid-cooled cables, supplied by Huber-Suhner, created concern about the safety of the high-powered (150kW-350kW) charging stations in its network. Other suppliers also using the Huber-Suhner cables were advised to also voluntarily shut down as the investigation into the problem ensues.

A charging station site in Germany, using the high-powered cables, short circuited. The short-circuit caused the plug to fail, but caused no injuries. The cable’s cooling circuit, which uses a synthetic, non-conductive coolant, was not the cause, but the system was at fault. Until the investigation is complete and any repairs or upgrades required to prevent the short from happening again are conducted, Electrify America will be taking its high-powered chargers with the Huber-Suhner system offline.

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