EVgo, Amazon Launch In-Car EV Charger Navigation On Alexa


EVgo has announced an Alexa-enabled electric vehicle charging experience with Amazon. Alexa-enabled vehicles, or those vehicles with accessories such as Echo Auto, will be able to ask Alexa to help find and navigate to nearby EV charging stations.

The Alexa-enabled system leverages PlugShare, a part of the EVgo family. This integrates with an enabled Amazon device for finding charging options and stations. Alexa-enabled electric vehicles such as the Nissan ARIYA, the Ford Mustang Mach-E, and the Ford F-150 Lightning, can enable the EVgo option in their vehicles now.

Like similar apps in navigation or on a smartphone, the Alexa-EVgo combination provides a list of nearby public charging stations, including real-time availability and plug type as well as charging speed. Time and distance to the plug are calculated and all of this can be done on the fly while driving.

“Alexa is a natural way for people to interact with their vehicles, helping them do an array of tasks while they are on the go. This collaboration with EVgo to make the process of finding an EV charging station through Alexa is the latest example of how voice and multi-modal experiences can make life more convenient and we’re excited for customers to be able to try this for themselves.” —Anes Hodžić, Vice President of Amazon Smart Vehicles