First Hydrogen Hybrid Diesel Race Truck To Attack Dakar

DynaCERT has entered into an agreement with French racing team HoleShot Competition to support their MAN Dakar Rally race truck at the 2024 Dakar Classic event. The #915 rally truck has been fitted with a HydraGEN HG1 Unit that uses simple electrolysis to convert distilled water into hydrogen and oxygen.

The dynaCERT system has proven to reduce up to 19.2 percent of fuel consumption and 60 percent of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) usage. The HydraGEN system is designed to reduce emissions for both greenhouse and particulate when compared to standard diesel trucks in the Dakar.

The demanding Dakar Classic Rally is an off-road race. The 2024 rally will take place in Saudi Arabia, covering an equivalent of 5,000 kilometers in 14 days of racing. dynaCERT hopes to demonstrate the performance of its on-demand hydrogen unit in a hot weather, harsh use environment.