Ford Heavy-Duty F-Max Hydrogen Prototype To Use Ballard System


Ballard Power Systems has signed a letter of intent with Ford Trucks to supply its fuel cell system for the developmental prototypes of Ford’s heavy-duty fuel cell powered vehicle program. The partnership starts with an initial purchase of two FCmove-XD 120 kW fuel cells to be delivered this year.

Ford Trucks plans to develop Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) F-Max trucks as part of the project. The FCmove-XD fuel cells will be integrated into a 44-ton long-haul tractor truck. The FCEV truck will be built in Turkey and tested in the European Ten-T corridor demonstrations in 2025 as part of the European Union’s Horizon Europe Zero Emissions Freight EcoSystem (ZEFES) project.

Per the letter of intent, Ballard could be named as the official supplier for serial production of the FCEV F-Max truck. Depending on certain conditions and a successful development program completion.

The ZEFES program involves four truck manufacturers, two trailer manufacturers, and suppliers, logistic operators, and research partners. The goal is accelerate integration of zero-emissions vehicles for long distance heavy transport in Europe. Nine different vehicle concepts will run more than 1 million kilometers across Europe in 2025 as part of the program. Four of the vehicles are fuel cell operated and five are battery-electric.