GM’s CAMI Assembly in Canada To Begin Battery Production


GM has announced that it’s CAMI Assembly plant in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada will begin production of battery modules in the second quarter of 2024. The plant will support GM’s increasing electric vehicle production volume. The modules produced at CAMI will include BrightDrop Zevo and Ultium EVs for use at other General Motors plants.

CAMI is the most recent of several plant upgrades GM has been making in North American operations to facilitate EV production. The CAMI plant specifically will assemble cells from GM suppliers into modules and packs for use in electric vehicles. This operation covers four steps:

  1. Battery cells are arranged into small stacks of cells, where sealer and retaining clips are applied.
  2. These mini stacks are assembled into full modules, where cooling plates, insulation, and electrical components are installed.
  3. Modules are then assembled into vehicle packs, where cooling lines and additional electrical components are installed.
  4. Vehicle battery packs are then subjected to final testing before they are sealed and transferred to the vehicle assembly line.