GreenFlux Adds Plug&Charge To Platform

Netherlands-based GreenFlux has implemented Hubject’s Plug&Charge technology onto its platform. Based on the ISO15118 protocol, the implementation allows a fully-automated charging process. This greatly simplifies the plug-in and charge process, allowing electric vehicle owners to be automatically charged without going through menus or programs.

The software update for GreenFlux systems is rolling out now as a firmware update for charge points across the Netherlands. At an updated charging kiosk, EV drivers can skip app-based, RFID-based, or credit-card-enabled methods of charge payment. Instead, authentication is based on the vehicle itself when plugged in.

The addition of Plug&Charge comes after implementations and testing from GreenFlux with various hardware and vehicle manufacturers showed it ready to deploy. GreenFlux is active in 21 countries on 5 continents and will be rolling out Plug&Charge across its greater network over time.