Hyliion Introduces Hybrid Upfit for Class 8 Trucks


Hyliion, a developer of electrification systems for Class 8 trucks, introduced the 6X4HE System for long haul trucks. Easily attached to the truck frame, the 6X4HE is a self-contained system. Fuel savings of up to 30% stem from a blend of three technologies: 15% from electric hybrid, 12% from APU, and 3% from aerodynamics. Mesilla Valley Transportation, PAM Transport and Ryder all participated in testing and refining the 6X4HE.

Efficient and non-parasitic, the Hyliion electric APU delivers 18,000 BTUs for 10 hours on a single charge from the Hyliion batteries. In addition, the Hyliion APU provides electricity in the cab through 2 outlets.

Regenerative braking captures power when slowing down; the electric power is applied when necessary to keep diesel engines at their most efficient RPM delivering hybrid fuel savings. The APU leverages Hyliion’s proprietary cooling system and battery to deliver 18,000 BTUs for 10 hours on a single charge. In addition, 2 outlets provide electricity in the cab. The 6X4HE is also Shore Power enabled.

Hyliion is currently taking orders for the 6X4HE with production starting November 2017.