Hyundai Elevate Walking Car Concept Walks All Over CES


In the first hours after a natural disaster, it can be difficult for first responders to get to those who need their help the most. Hyundai says the need for efficient, rapid, resilient transportation in those circumstances is vital to saving lives. So they’ve developed a concept prototype called the Elevate. It’s called the first Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV) and it can both drive and walk.

Blending automotive and robotics, Hyundai designed the Elevate to be able to drive like a normal all-terrain vehicle. But when the going gets rough, the Elevate can extend legs and walk over those obstacles instead. In action, it looks like a mix between a Google-styled autonomous car and an Imperial Walker from Star Wars.

The Elevate is modular, fully battery-electric, and very cool. With “six degrees” of motion (see video above), it can use its legs to traverse most any terrain or fold them into itself and drive normally over simpler fare.

The Hyundai Elevate is being showcased at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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