Hyundai Unveils New Ioniq 5 N at Goodwood Festival of Speed


Hyundai’s performance division, N, has tooled the new Ioniq 5 into a performance-oriented version of the electric car with some new technologies and track-focused capabilities. Hyundai N promises new EV models to follow this.

“IONIQ 5 N, was developed to take driving fun to a new level by utilizing the latest technologies available. Starting with IONIQ 5 N, N brand aims to deliver N’s signature fun driving experience regardless of petrol, electric or hydrogen. To accomplish this, we’ve closely monitored the voices of our N fans in order to fine-tune our first all-electric N with the goal of electrifying the driving passion of our most demanding N-thusiasts.” –Till Wartenberg, Vice President and Head of N Brand and Motorsport at Hyundai Motor Company

Body and chassis reinforcements provide higher torsional rigidity and steering feel while the dual-motor design allows all-wheel drive focused on launch control and cornering. The Hyundai Ioniq 5 N has up to 478 kW (650 PS) of power with N Grin Boost engaged and adds more thermal management and regenerative braking capacity to improve endurance under harsher conditions like track and race driving.

Performance features like battery preconditioning, one-pedal operation in track mode, higher regenerative capabilities, a drift optimizer, improved torque distribution for the track, and road sense systems to aid traction.

“N brand’s winning combination of technological know-how and motorsport experience is pushing the limits of vehicle performance, which has most recently resulted in IONIQ 5 N, a gamechanger for electric high performance. Key developments around this vehicle will further strengthen the competitiveness of all Hyundai models going forward. This is why N brand exists.” –Jaehoon Chang, President/CEO of Hyundai Motor Co