Lexus Debuts Battery EV Concept at Japan Mobility 2023

Lexus has introduced a new conceptual vehicle at the Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo. The LF-ZC is a glimpse of what Lexus plans to do with its electrified vehicles going forward, promising an all-electric lineup by 2035.

“Pushing the Boundaries of the Electrified Experience”, envisioning new possibilities for mobility through electric cars.” Was the mantra driving the Lexus booth at Tokyo.

By using next-generation prismatic high-performance batteries and leveraging the inertia characteristics of BEVs as well as the minimized packaging allowed, the Lexus LF-ZC presents a sleek, aerodynamic, low-slung appearance. Through gigacasting, Lexus will create its electric vehicles on a modular platform with three distinct pieces (front, middle, rear) for maximum versatility in design.

Lexus’ new production process will be on a self-driving assembly line, where vehicles under production autonomously move from each stage of assembly to the next. Because these vehicles can drive themselves once the battery, motor, and wheels are on the chassis, this can eliminate the need for conveyor belts in the mid- and later stages of assembly. That, in turn, means faster factory rearrangement which means lower costs.