Mercedes-Benz To Invest $1B in Alabama for EV Production

Daimler has announced that Mercedes-Benz will begin setting up electric vehicle production in the United States, to include a new battery plant. The company will produce EQ-branded SUV models at the Mercedes-Benz US International plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The EQ models will be both electrified and highly automated.

The new battery plant will be built near the existing passenger-car plant ensuring availability of advanced technology for future generations of Mercedes-Benz vehicles built in the US. In total, Mercedes-Benz plans to invest $1 billion in the expansion of its industrial footprint in the region, most of which is slated for the electric initiative. Once completed, these investments will create more than 600 additional jobs. Final details of the plans are still being worked on in partnership with the State of Alabama.

In addition to the electric initiative, the logistics activities in the US will be expanded with a new Global Logistics Center and a new after-sales North American hub, exporting car-kits to global assembly plants and spare parts from the US and North America to worldwide markets.