Mercedes-Benz Trucks Unveils New eActros 600


The new, all-electric eActros 600 from Mercedes-Benz Trucks has been unveiled. Shown previously in camouflaged prototype testing, the eActros long-haul battery-electric truck is fully unveiled. It holds over 600 kWh of batteries and has a 311-mile (500 km) range. Its fast intermediate charge time promises double that range daily.

Mercedes’ research has shown that most long-haul trucking in Europe entails daily trips of under 500 kilometers, which is why the eActros’ target range was 500 km. Its charging capability at most currently-available charging stations is enough to double that during mandatory driver breaks during a 24-hour driving period. Most of the time, Mercedes envisions, the eActros 600 will be charged during loading and unloading and while parked overnight. Even so, provision for charging beyond the current 400 kW CCS widely available in Europe, the eActros will enable megawatt (MCS) charging when that becomes available. At customer discretion as a retrofit.

The Mercedes-Benz Trucks eActros 600 is designed for a gross combined weight of 44 tons and pulls standard trailers via fifth wheel. Payload is around 22 tons (EU), but where national law allows more, the eActros can accommodate.

Sales of the truck will begin this year. Series production will begin at the end of 2024. Both semi-truck and rigid variants of the eActros 600 will be offered. Current production includes 50 prototypes for potential customer testing.

Cost parity with a comparable diesel truck using the eActros 600 in long-distance haulage differs from country to country. Depending on the electricity and diesel price and toll/tax systems. In the large transit countries of France and Germany, for example, a low electricity price and the planned CO2-based truck toll, respectively, have a positive effect on the operational costs of battery-electric trucks. This means that the eActros 600 can be more profitable than a diesel long-haul truck within the average vehicle holding period of around five years or after around 600,000 kilometers. This despite a purchase price that is around two to two and a half times higher than the diesel equivalent. Government subsidization of e-trucks and charging infrastructure is a key lever providing support.

In most respects, including durability and capability, the eActros 600 matches its Actros diesel counterparts, including the use of power takeoff (PTO) units and trailer options. In addition, Mercedes has added advanced safety systems that look towards the future of safer commercial driving. These systems meet and exceed EU 2024 requirements. Upgrades include faster processors for safety data, wider angles for radar systems, and multifunction cameras.

A total of 621 kWh of power can be stored on board to power 400 kW drive motors that can bump to 600 kW for short periods when required. Full motor output is available at all times with near-zero torque interruptions.