News Roundup: 01/28 – 02/03

Headlines and links from all the news, including things we didn’t cover in depth here on this past week. Follow the links for more on each.

Cornell Researchers Develop Indium-based Long-duration Batteries
Researchers at Cornell University have developed a fast-charging, long-duration lithium battery that can charge in less than five minutes. Faster than any similar battery on the market. While maintaining stable performance. According to a paper published in Joule.

2024 MAN eTruck Limited Edition Sold Out
The first limited edition models of the new MAN eTruck for the 2024 model year are completely sold out. A total of 700 orders and order requests have been received. Many of these will be postponed until large scale production of the truck begins in 2025.

First Remote Testing of Autonomous Vehicle Conducted at Mcity 2.0
Purdue University researchers conducted remote testing of their autonomous vehicle technology at the University of Michigan’s real-world test track in Ann Arbor. This was the first remote testing done at the new facility in Michigan and a milestone for the universities involved.

CTR Breaks Ground On New Lithium Valley Campus
Controlled Thermal Resources Holdings has broken ground on its fully integrated lithium renewable power production facility, the Lithium Valley Campus. The California facility is expected to support the annual production of 415,000 electric vehicles.

Stellantis Expands Hydrogen Fuel Cell Production Vans In Europe
Stellantis Pro One, the company’s commercial vehicle arm in Europe, is expanding its production offerings for hydrogen fuel cell mid-sized and large vans.

DOE Says Light-Duty BEV Sales Topped 1M for First Time
The Department of Energy says that annual sales of battery-electric vehicles quadrupled from 2020 to 2023 with that latter year having 1.109 million BEV sales in total. Plug-in hybrids also reached a milestone, comprising 20 percent of all electric vehicle sales in 2023.

No Excessive Battery Degradation With V2X Says Study
German researchers systematically tested electric vehicle battery degradation in various charging strategies, including aging experiments under real-world V2X applications (Vehicle-to-Home, -Grid, etc). They found little added battery degradation over time under these uses.

Mazda Unveils New 2025 CX-70 Crossover With Hybrid, Plug-in Models
Built on Mazda’s large platform, the CX-70 was engineered from the beginning with electrification in mind. All CX-70 powertrains are electrified, starting with mild hybrids up to a plug-in hybrid model.

StoreDot Manufactures First Prismatic XFC Silicon-Dominant Cells
StoreDot has successfully manufactured its first prismatic extreme fast charging (XFC) silicon-dominant battery cells. Rectangular and stacked in layers, prismatic cells are popular in EV production because they add mechanical protection and rigidity.

LNVG Contracts For 23 Solaris Hydrogen-powered Buses
Solaris Bus & Coach has been contracted by Lokale Nahverkehrsgesellshaft in Grb-Gerau, Germany to supply 15 Urbino 12 hydrogen buses and 8 articulated Urbino 18 hydrogen buses.

Volvo Introduces Its First All-Electric Truck
Volvo has launched its first truck model designed entirely as battery-electric. The FM Low Entry is optimized for driving in cities.