News Roundup: 03/03 – 03/09

Headlines and links from all the news, including things we didn’t cover in depth here on this past week. Follow the links for more on each.

X-BATT Unveils Bio-Derived Composite Anode Materials for Batteries
X-BATT has unveiled its composite anode materials made from bio-derived sources. Using agricultural waste products, the company hopes to address the mineral shortage in EV production from a low-cost source.

StoreDot Confirms Consistent and Reliable Winter Performance From XFC Cells
StoreDot’s silicon-dominant extreme fast charging (XFC) battery technology has successfully undergone winter performance testing, according to the company. Temperatures as low as -20C were tested.

Mercedes-Benz eEconic Refueling Truck Begins Operations at Stuttgart Airport
Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks has delivered the first airport refueling vehicle based on a series production truck from Daimler. The eEconic is being deployed by Skytanking at Stuttgart Airport.

BMW Group Plant Leipzig Begins MINI Countryman Electric Production
The all-electric MINI Countryman has begun production at BMW’s Leipzig plant. A single production line at the plant is now delivering the BMW 1 Series, BMW 2 Series Active Tourer, the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe, and the MINI Countryman. All in both internal combustion and electrified versions.

Nissan Adjusts Price of Ariya EV To $39,590
Nissan has adjusted the price of the all-electric Ariya to under $40,000, a drop of $3,600. Other trim levels above the base see reductions of up to $6,000 in pricing.

Mercedes-Benz Launches Wallbox In U.S. for Connected Home Charging
The Mercedes-Benz Wallbox electric vehicle charging unit is now available in the United States. Providing up to 11.5 kW of charging speed, the units are connected to the Mercedes Me app and over-the-air updates.

24M Introduces Direct-Material Recycling Process for SemiSolid Li-Ion Batteries
24M has announced Liforever, a recycling methodology for SemiSolid and ESS batteries.

Altilium and Nissan Partner On UK EV Battery Recycling
Altilium has partnered with Nissan on a project to improve EV battery sustainability in the United Kingdom. The project aims to both lower the carbon footprint of new batteries and reduce reliance on imported raw materials.

BMW Group Begins Construction of Battery Assembly Plant in Thailand
The BMW Group has begun construction of a generation-5 high-voltage battery plant in Thailand. It’s expected to be online for local electric vehicle production in the second half of 2025.

Hyster Supplying 10 Battery-Electric Terminal Tractors to APM Terminals
Hyster Company will provide ten battery-powered terminal tractors to APM Terminals for the Port of Mobile in Alabama. The electric terminal tractors (“yard goats”) will be delivered in 2024.

Mitsubishi, Frontier Lithium Forming Joint Venture for Lithium Extraction
Mitsubishi Corporation and Frontier Lithium have entered into a binding agreement for a joint venture into Canadian lithium mining. The JV will develop the PAK Lithium Project in Ontario.

A front 3/4 view of the GM HYDROTEC prototype field evaluation fleet truck

GM Fuel Cell Pilot Program Works Towards Low-Emissions Worksites
General Motors plans to introduce a range of zero-tailpipe-emissions vehicles and applications that include lithium-ion batteries and hydrogen fuel cells. The latest is a hydrogen-based worksite ecosystem centered around medium-duty HFCE trucks.

UT Austin Researchers Explore Natural Catalysts For Producing Hydrogen From Rocks
University of Texas at Austin researchers are exploring natural catalysts which could help produce hydrogen gas from iron-rich rocks without emitting carbon dioxide.

Toyota Makes PEVE a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary To Diversify EV Batteries
Toyota Motor Corporation will make Primearth EV Energy Co a wholly-owned subsidiary after acquiring the company from Panasonic Holdings. Full acquisition will take place in late March, giving Toyota a diverse battery catalog.


Daimler Truck NA Rolls Out Comprehensive Dealer Certification Program for BEVs
Daimler Truck North America has rolled out a comprehensive Battery-Electric Vehicle Dealer Certification Program. This builds on the already-existing Elite Support program to certify Freightliner dealers in guiding fleet managers into EV options.

Dodge Debuts All-New, All-Electric Dodge Charger Muscle Car
The new Dodge Charger was unveiled as the electrified future for the company. The Charger takes on its previous two-door design from the 1970s and its overall look relies heavily on the late 1960s models.

Viritech Launches New Fuel Cell Powertrain
Viritech has launched its 60 kW VPT60N Ready to Run Vehicle Powertrain. Part of its family of powertrains, the VTP60N combines an array of Viritech products and technologies into a complete solution for OEMs, Tier-1s, and research bodies.

Nissan Begins Trial of Stationary SOFC Power Generation System
Nissan Motor has developed a stationary solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) powered by bio-ethanol. Capable of high-efficiency power generation, the system has begun trial at Nissan’s Tochigi Plant in Japan.

UC San Diego Team Develops Healable and Conductive Sulfur Iodide Cathode Materials
A team led by engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a new cathode material for solid-state lithium-sulfur batteries that is both electrically conductive and structurally healable. Features that overcome the limitations of Li-S batteries.

2024 ASudi Q4 55 e-tron Mid-Model Refresh Adds Power and Range
Audi has introduced updates to the Q4 50 e-tron base models. Midway through 2024, the Q4 50 e-tron will become the Q4 55 e-tron with a revised suspension and steering tune, increased driving range, and styling changes.

Rivian Introduces R2, R3, and R3X Midsize Platform Electric SUVs
Rivian has unveiled its new midsize platform with three new sport utilities, one of which is targeting a sub-$40,000 price point.