News Roundup: 5/26 – 6/1

Headlines and links from all the news, including things we didn’t cover in depth here on this past week. Follow the links for more on each.

Geely Breaks Into Global Top 10 Auto Sales
Chinese automaker Geely has broken into the global top ten automotive sales for the first time. The automaker passed Mercedes-Benz and BMW to enter the top ten in the first quarter of 2024. Several other Chinese automakers now rank within the top twenty.

Fortescue Liebherr T 264 Haul Truck Runs On Hydrogen for First Time
Fortescue’s hydrogen-powered haul truck prototype (called “Europa”) has operated on hydrogen for the first time. The truck, being developed in collaboration with Liebherr Mining, the T 264 Liebherr has a 1.6mWh battery and 500 kW of fuel cells powered by over 380kg of liquid hydrogen.

Liquid Hydrogen-Powered Toyota GR Corolla Competes In Super Taikyu Fuji 24
Toyota entered the ENEOS Super Taikyu Series 24 Empowered by Bridgestone Round 2 NAPA Fuji Super Tec 24 Hours Race with the ORC ROOKIE GR Corolla H2 Concept. The liquid hydrogen engine generates power through H2 combustion.

Hanwha Developing Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Ships
Hanwha Aerospace and Hanwha Ocean have jointly developed hydrogen fuel cells for ships as part of a green energy project headed by the Korean government. The aim is for a 200 kW-class hydrogen fuel cell power pack.

IndianOil Makes Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus for Indian Army
IndianOil has produced a hydrogen fuel cell bus for the Indian Army. The bus is a first in a pioneered development of hydrogen fuel cell technology for heavy-duty e-mobility. The bus will be used in public transit performance assessments.

Porsche 911 T-Hybrid Adds Performance
Porsche has upgraded the 911 sports car as a performance hybrid. The 911 Carrera GTS combines a 3.6-liter engine, motors, and batteries for a 3.0-second 0-100 km/h launch time and a top speed of 312 km/h. The car will enter the market later this year.

Mazda, Subaru, Toyota Remain Committed To Engine Development
Mazda, Subaru, and Toyota have publicly stated in the past that battery electric vehicles will require a lot of time to meet mainstream consumer demands and that hybrid-electrics and alternative fuels are a better pathway towards efficiency goals. 

VW Group Launches €20,000 Entry-Level EV Project
Volkswagen has launched a project to bring a €20,000 entry-level EV to Europe by 2027. Compact, inexpensive vehicles in this price range have been a quiet project at VW for years. The project will rely on a high degree of European localization to come to fruition.

ABB Launches Energy Efficient Motor/Inverter Package for Buses
ABB has launched a new package consisting of an AMXE250 motor and HES580 inverter tailored for use in electric buses. The motor offers high torque density and quieter operation. The HES580 is a level three inverter, the first of its kind on the market for buses.

Li-Cycle Partners With Daimler Truck To Recycle EoL Lithium-Ion Batteries
Li-Cycle Holdings and Daimler Truck North America have partnered in a lithium battery recycling agreement. End-of-lifecycle (EoL) batteries from Daimler will be processed by Li-Cycle to reduce material waste.


Chinese EV Battery Makers Curtail Plans in Germany
Nikkei is reporting that Chinese makers of electric vehicle batteries are cutting back production plans in Germany as electric vehicle sales fall in Europe’s largest automotive market. SVOLT and CATL have both downsized or canceled plans in Germany thus far.

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