News Roundup: 6/2 – 6/8


Headlines and links from all the news, including things we didn’t cover in depth here on this past week. Follow the links for more on each.

Nissan Demos Autonomous Drive Services Progress in Japan
Nissan has started demonstrations of a prototype vehicle equipped with its next-generation, in-house-developed autonomous drive technologies. Nissan plans to roll out autonomous mobility services in 2027.

KPMG Survey Finds Only 21% of Americans Interested in Battery-Electric Vehicles
Audit, tax and advisory firm KPMG has released its American Perspectives Survey. The survey assesses the views of 1,100 adults nationally to understand their financial outlook and the economy. The survey found that only 21 percent were interested in buying a battery-electric vehicle (EV).

Jeep Unveils Its First Global Battery-Electric SUV
The Jeep Wagoneer S enters the market as a 2024 model year option in the U.S. with global rollout happening over the next year. With a range of over 300 miles per charge and 600 horsepower, the Wagoneer S has a 100kWh battery pack capable of DC fast charging and will include a 48-amp level 2 home charger.

Renault, Geely Create Joint Powertrain Tech Company HORSE
Renault Group and Geely have combined for a powertrain technology company called HORSE Powertrain, headquartered in London, England. The company will focus on developing high-efficiency internal combustion engines, low-carbon fuels, hydrogen propulsion, and decarbonization tech.

CARB To Hold Public Workshop On ACC2 Amendments
The California Air Resources Board is holding a public workshop regarding amendments to Advanced Clean Cars II regulations.

SAE, Person VUE Partner To Deliver EV Supply Equipment Technician Certification
SAE International has selected Pearson VUE to deliver an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Technician Certification and license exam. The SAE EVSE Technician Certification was established by SAE to establish and verify the skills necessary for technicians to maintain, repair, and operate EV charging stations.

Volvo Begins Production of Electric EX90 SUV in South Carolina
Volvo has begun production of its all-electric EX90 sport utility at its South Carolina plant. The EX90 is the first Volvo powered by its core computing technology.

New MINI-Backed Survey Says Most Americans Still Interested In EVs
A new survey, backed by MINI for World Environment Day, shows that most American consumers are still pro-electric vehicle. Going against nearly every other survey looking at market trends.

Honda Advances Hydrogen Strategy With FCEV Launch in Ohio
Honda has begun production of the all-new 2025 Honda CR-V e:FCEV (fuel cell electric vehicle) at its manufacturing center in Ohio. The CR-V e:FCEV is the first American-made hydrogen fuel cell model in production.

EV Charging Experts Are Still Stymied & Frustrated By Public Fast Charging
Expert electric vehicle testers have experienced multiple different types of fast-charging failures, incompatibilities, and slow charging occurrences over the past weeks. If EV advocates and experts can’t make these things work right, who can?

MOL, Volvo Penta Partner For Electric 4×4 RoRo Tractors
MOL and Volvo Penta are collaborating on trials for a new electric 4×4 RoRo tractor based on the RME225. The electric two-axle tractors will be tested at DFDS’s facilities at the Port of Ghent.

Volkswagen Expands ID.7 Range With New GTX Model
Volkswagen is expanding its range of ID.7 models with a fastback 250 kW all-wheel drive GTX model. Presales began this week in Germany.

NXP, ZF Collaborate On SiC-based Traction Inverters
NXP and ZF are collaborating on next-generation SiC-based traction inverter solutions for electric vehicles. The solutions are designed to accelerate the adoption of 800-volt and SiC power devices in automotive.


Accelera/Cummins, Daimler, and PACCAR Complete Battery Joint Venture
Acclera by Cummins, Daimler, and PACCAR have completed formation of their battery joint venture, called Amplify Cell Technologies. The collaboration will localize battery cell production and supply chain in the United States. Production of a new 21-gigawatt hour (GWh) facotry in Mississippi will begin soon.

HVS Secures Fuel Cell Truck Deal With Explore Plant
Hydrogen Vehicle Systems has signed a partnership with Explore Plant & Transport Solutions to supply 30 hydrogen-electric tractor units. Both companies are based in the United Kingdom.

Sales in California of Medium- and Heavy-Duty Trucks, Buses and Vans Doubles
One in six new medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks, buses, and vans sold in California are now zero-emissions vehicles. Doubling sales figures for that class of vehicle from 2022 to 2023. The state’s annual commercial vehicle sales figures are reported annually.

Virginia to Exit California EV Mandate At End of 2024
Virginia, which follows the emissions mandates of the California Air Resources Board, has decided to decouple from CARB’s planned 2025 electric vehicle mandates. The move comes after Virginia adopted California’s Advanced Clean Cars I regulation and specifically rejects the ACCII regulations set to take effect on January 1, 2025.

Electrolyzers Are Small, But Growing Source of Hydrogen in U.S.
According to the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy office of the U.S. Department of Energy, electrolyzer installations that use electricity to produce hydrogen from water are poised to grow from 116 megawatts of production to 5,424 megawatts.

Up.Fit Unveils Tesla Cybertruck Police Vehicle
Tesla upfitter Up.Fit has unveiled Cybertruck Patrol police vehicle. The Unplugged Performance division hopes to attract police, fire, and military departments with the specialty Cybertruck model.

ZM Trucks Receives 900 Unit Order From 32Group, ZO Motors
ZM Trucks’ exclusive distributor, 32Group, has placed a 900 unit truck order of battery-electric and fuel cell-electric commercial trucks for distribution in North America via ZO Motors. This will begin entry of ZM Trucks vehicles into North America.

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