News Roundup: 6/30 – 7/6

Headlines and links from all the news, including things we didn’t cover in depth here on this past week. Follow the links for more on each.

Crowley Christens First Fully-Electric Tugboat in U.S.
Crowley has christened the eWolf, the first all-electric ship-assist harbor tugboat in the United States. Built by Master Boat Builders in Coden, Alabama, the 82-foot vessels delivers 70 tons of bollard pull and an end-to-end electric propulsion system. The eWolf is now operating in the Port of San Diego in California.

J.D. Power Study Finds BEVs Have More Quality Issues Than Do ICE Vehicles
A new J.D. Power & Associates study shows that the industry average for 180 problems per 100 vehicles does not apply to battery electric vehicles, which scored 266 per 100. Even removing Tesla from the equation did not change this number.

Extreme H Unveils Hydrogen FC Race Car
Extreme H, a new hydrogen racing series, has unveiled its hydrogen fuel cell-powered race car, the Pioneer 25. Designed to demonstrate the viability and performance capabilities of HFCs, the Pioneer 25 has been in development since 2022. The car will publicly race in Scotland on July 13-14 in the Hydro X Grand Prix.

Nyobolt Reveals First Running Prototype EV Using Ultra-Fast Charging Batteries
Nyobolt is showcasing its ultra-fast charging niobium-based battery technology in a new Nyobolt EV prototype. The car, designed and engineered by CALLUM, can recharge its 35kWh battery from 10 to 80 percent in under five minutes.

XCMG Launches New Hydrogen-Powered Dump Truck
XCMG Machinery has unveiled a new hydrogen fuel cell dump truck model, the EHSL552F. Equipped with a 120kW hydrogen fuel cell and high-power battery system, the truck is suitable for mining operations and includes substantial chassis clearance.

Maserati Introduces GranCabrio Folgore Tignanello Luxury EV Convertible
Maserati has unveiled its first all-electric luxury convertible, the GranCabrio Folgore Tignanello. Named after a French red wine, the one-of-a-kind Tignanello model will be auctioned for charity on July 14 in the U.S.

Honda, Indycar Collaborating On New Hybrid Energy Recovery System
Honda and Indycar are collaborating on a new energy recovery system for race cars in the NTT Indycar Series. The system combines supercapacitors, a motor/generator, and control devices to collect and store energy during braking and release it during acceleration. The system is capable of delivering up to 60 horsepower of boost. 

Audi Announces EPA Range Results and Delivery Timing for 2025 Q6 e-tron EV
Audi of America has announced EPA range specifications for the all-new Q6 e-tron electric SUV. Audi originally estimated over 300 miles of range, which was confirmed by EPA test cycle results. Dealerships will have the Q6 e-tron and its sportback SQ6 e-tron models in showrooms in the fourth quarter of 2024.

American Airlines Commits To Purchase of 100 ZeroAvia Hydrogen Engines
American Airlines has entered into a conditional purchase agreement with ZeroAvia for 100 hydrogen-electric engines to power regional jet aircraft. ZeroAvia is expecting certification of its ZA-600 powertrain for 20-seat planes by year end 2025.

Hispano Suiza Will Return to Goodwood With Dynamic Debut
Hispano Suiza will premier its Carmen Sagrera hypercar to celebrate its 120th anniversary. The car, set to unveil at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this month. Including the iconic Goodwood Hillclimb. The Carmen Sagrera produces 1,114 horsepower from its electric drivetrain.

Ilika Ships Goliath Batteries to Tier 1 Automaker
Ilika, whose solid-state Goliath batteries have been prototyped for testing, has announced that it has shipped units to a Tier 1 automaker for customer testing.


Steyr, Tu Wien Unveil FCTRAC biogenic hydrogen-powered Tractor
Steyr and Tu Wien have unveiled a new hydrogen fuel cell-powered concept tractor based on the standard 4140 Expert CVT tractor from Steyr. The FCTRAC will be tested using hydrogen produced from the BioH2Module developed alongside the tractor to create hydrogen from biogenic raw biomass.

Hycamite Introduced Low Carbon Footprint Graphite for Batteries
Hycamite has launched graphite production alongside its hydrogen and carbon production via thermo-catalytic decomposition of methane. The graphite is produced with a very low carbon footprint via Hycamite’s methane-splitting technology.

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