News Roundup: Hybrid Ferry, Nikola Fuel Cell Truck, and more


News on several fronts in electrified vehicles and autonomous cars this week. Some of it in varied areas of transport such as shipping and batteries.

Seaspan has launched a natural gas-electric hybrid ferry to Canada. This is the first LNG-fueled hybrid-electric ferry to operate on the west coast of Canada and, what’s more, its refuel is fast thanks to no transfer of gas being required. Instead, a tanker truck of fuel merely pulls on and leaves the trailer on board.

Nikola Fuel Cell Truck to replace Caterpillar at Thompson Machinery. Thompson, a truck dealer in Nashville, Tennessee, needed a work truck replacement for its Caterpillar trucks and chose the hydrogen fuel-cell Nikola for that.

Pacific Gas and Electric has launched a new clean fuel rebate, offering up to $500 for residential customers with EV plug-ins. The rebate is part of California’s Low Carbon Fuel Initiative.

California’s Air Resources Board has proposed a new plan to cut 2030 greenhouse gas emissions. The plan calls for a 40 percent reduction in GHGs versus their 1990 levels and CARB plans to leverage zero emissions vehicles (ZEVs) and the state’s cap-and-trade program to accomplish the goal.

Ford is running a year-long trial in London to est plug-in hybrid Transit Custom vans. The project is part of a larger overall project featuring low- and no-emissions vehicles. 20 new plug-in hybrid Transit Custom vans will take part.

The U.S. Department of Transportation has announced vehicle-to-infrastructure guidance. The guidelines are part of an overall DOT initiative to fast-track safety-focused autonomous systems to market.