News Roundup: No-charge to Charge Unless It’s a Tesla, Electric Buses and Trucks


This week we have charging programs from electric car manufacturers seeing some changes, some updates from an electric bus maker, a new series of electrified axles, and a new plug-in electric pickup truck. Plus more. Busy week!

Studies say that PHEVs and REEVs could open the door for advanced combustion engines. Presentations made at the SAE 2016 Range Extenders for Electric Vehicles Symposium last week hinted towards the emergence of even more advanced combustion engine technologies as plug-in hybrids (PHEV) and range-extended electrics (REEV) see more market penetration. Read more at SAE 2016.

Nissan adds Madison, Wisconsin to “No Charge to Charge” program for Nissan LEAF. The company’s NC2C program gives new LEAF buyers access to public and Nissan-owned charging stations in their area free of charge for up to two years.

Workhorse Group begins development of plug-in hybrid-electric pickup truck aimed towards fleets. The range-extended hybrid will be designed as a work truck and is expected to enter production in 2018 as the Workhorse W-15 light-duty pickup. It will use technology derived from medium-duty Workhorse trucks already ready for market. The truck is expected to have an 80 mile battery range. Read the release here.


BAE Systems announced the delivery of the company’s 7,000th series hybrid electric system for buses. The orders for the latest deliveries that pushed the company over the 7,000 mark were to a Canadian transit agency. Read more here.

Tesla is ending its free access to the Supercharger Network for vehicles sold after the beginning of 2017. Read more about that here.

A new study has found that clean vehicle rebates primarily benefit wealthy, white Californians. Who knew? Read the study here.

Dana will introduce a Spicer Electrified family of e-axles for hybrid and electric vehicles. The fully integrated axles include motor, control electronics, and e-drive technologies. These are made for light-duty, commercial, and off-highway vehicles. Read more here.

Navigant is forecasting that global sales of electric drive buses will reach 181,000 units in 2026. The current sales rate is about 119,000. Read the forecast here.

Hyundai delivering 60 more ix35 Fuel Cell cars to Paris-based taxi company. The startup taxi company, STEP, signed a memorandum of understanding with Hyundai at the opening of a public hydrogen fueling station in Germany.