Nissan Tests Next-Gen Autonomous Vehicle on Tokyo Streets


Nissan has demonstrated a prototype of its latest autonomous driving technology, which it plans to put into the real world by 2020. The demonstration, in Tokyo during the Tokyo Motor Show, used a modified Infiniti Q50 sedan. This latest tech enables the vehicle to operate on urban roads and freeways once the driver selects a destination in the car’s navigation system.

The prototype’s artificial intelligence uses input from 12 sonars, 12 cameras, nine millimeter-wave radars, six laser scanners, and a high-definition map. These are fed to a computer, which then analyzes complex scenarios in real time and navigates the vehicle smoothly through challenging city conditions—such as crossing busy intersections.

These hardware upgrades, along with software improvements, ensure smooth transitions when encountering obstacles in the road. This results in “a human-like driving feel” that gives passengers piece of mind.

The demonstration follows the recent launch of the new, zero-emission Nissan LEAF, equipped with ProPILOT technology that enables single-lane autonomous driving on highways. Nissan’s growing lineup of models with ProPILOT includes the Nissan Serena, X-Trail, and Rogue, and will be joined by the Qashqai in 2018.