Nissan Unveils All-Electric Hyper Force Concept

Nissan pulled the sheet off its latest concept, the Hyper Force, at the Japan Mobility Show. The new concept completes a series of concepts, all titled “Hyper,” to showcase the company’s “all-encompassing approach to mobility and energy for now and the future.”

The Nissan Hyper Force Concept is the fifth in the series and the grand finale for the Hyper concepts.

“All five concept cars showcased today are symbols of the future and embody our founding spirit of ‘daring to do what others don’t’. We have advanced our EV innovations, moving beyond mobility to create a more sustainable world. The EVs symbolize our future of creating a cleaner, safer, and more inclusive world for everybody without compromising on passions and dreams. Through the power of innovation, Nissan is creating a future where everyone can enjoy the excitement of mobility.” –Makoto Uchida, Nissan president and CEO

Nissan’s Hyper Force concept is designed for racing enthusiasts as a high-performance supercar. At its core is a high-output all-electric powertrain with an optimal-weight-balancing, all-solid-state battery that can produce output up to 1,000 kW.

The Nissan Hyper Force joins the Hyper Punk, Hyper Tourer, Hyper Adventure, and Hyper Urban on the Japan Mobility floor. Nissan has also joined with Epic Games’ Fortnite with a special game called Electrify the World.