Prototype eActros 600 Hauls 40 Tons Across the Alps


Mercedes-Benz Trucks engineers have successfully completed a test run across the Alps with a battery-electric eActros 600 truck. The engineers drove the prototype, loaded with 40 tons of cargo, from Stuttgart to Bolzano in South Tyrol across the Swabian Jura mountain range. The trip was a total of 530 kilometers (329 miles) on the Brenner Highway. Without intermedia charging.

The truck arrived at its destination, charged, and then returned, making the total round trip over 1,000 km (621 miles). The Mercedes engineers attribute the truck’s efficient systems and high-performance regenerative braking system as the greatest factors in is capabilities.

The Mercedes-Benz eActros 600 will makes it global debut on October 10 and series production is slated to begin in 2024.