REE Announces Confirmation of FMVSS Certification of X-by-Wire Systems

REE Automotive has announced that joint testing with HORIBA-MIRA has confirmed the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards certification feasibility of the company’s X-by-Wire vehicle control system. HORIBA-MIRA, a world leader in testing, was contracted to give third party verification of REE’s P7 systems.

The REE systems, P7-C and P7-S, are expected to be fully certified by the end of 2023. The P7-C Chassis Cab and P7-S Stripped Chassis are powered by the same full-by-wire technology for steering, braking, and drive control. These systems are designed to simplify design for commercial vehicles by removing much of the mechanics left after electrification.

“MVSS certification of our core by-wire system is feasible based on the tests we have conducted in the past several months. This milestone is important as we set out to be the first to certify a fully by-wire system. Now that we have confirmed feasibility, the most novel step of this process is behind us, and we are confident that our P7 will pass the design-agnostic and performance-based FMVSS certification process.” —Ahishay Sardes, co-founder and CTO of REE