Self-Extinguishing Battery Materials Could Reduce EV Fire Risks


A study published in Nature Sustainability found that a design for self-extinguishing battery materials by replacing the most common electrolyte in lithium-ion batteries with materials found in common fire extinguishers.

“An electrolyte allows lithium ions that carry an electric charge to move across a separator between the positive and negative terminals of a lithium-ion battery. By modifying affordable commercial coolants to function as battery electrolytes, we were able to produce a battery that puts out its own fire.” –Apparao Rao and Bingan Lu, study authors

The study found that the new electrolyte worked well across temperature range of minus 100 to positive 175 Fahrenheit with good heat transfer to extinguish internal fires. The common nail penetration test, used in most battery safety testing, proved out the self-extinguishing electrolyte worked.

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