Shanghai Automotive Demos Autonomous Shuttle at UC Davis


San Jose-based Shanghai Automotive Industrial Corporation’s (SAIC) Innovation Center is demonstrating its automated, all-electric shuttle around a defined loop of the solar-panel-lined West Village community as part of an agreement between the auto company and UC Davis.

This arrangement provides researchers with the Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS-Davis), and its China Center for Energy and Transportation with an opportunity to conduct perceptional and behavioral surveys among residents and shuttle riders at no cost to UC Davis.

The six-passenger shuttle was built in California for a Silicon Valley subsidiary of SAIC Group, which is the largest Chinese automaker and a partner of General Motors and Volkswagen in China. The shuttle has the capability to drive autonomously, but a professional driver will be on board the vehicle ready to assist at all times.

Operating only in daylight at a maximum speed of 25 mph, the shuttle will take a 1.3-mile route along Tilia, Sage, Hutchison and Celadon streets.

The shuttle will initially carry SAIC personnel. Provided initial demonstrations are successful, it will expand to transporting passengers along the route.