Tesla Introduces New Wallbox Level 2 J1772 Home Charger

Tesla Motors has introduced a new version of its Wallbox Level 2 home charger, the Universal Wall Connector, with support for SAE standardized J1772 as well as Tesla’s NACS plugs. The new Universal Wall Connector will begin shipping in October with Tesla app features for it deploying later this year.

The UWC is nearly identical to the NACS-only Wallbox current Tesla customers are likely familiar with. It outputs up to 11.5 kW / 48 amps from a 60-amp circuit. It includes Wi-Fi connectivity for over-the-air updates and can power share with up to six Wall Connectors. A 24-foot charging cable is included. The UWC includes both J1772 and NACS plug ends.

The standard NACS handle fits into a J1772 adapter, which is then housed in the side of the Wallbox. Removing the handle pulls it out with the J1772 end attached. Pushing a button and then removing it pulls leaves the J1772 adapter behind for NACS plugs.

Pricing is also slightly higher. The NAVS-only Wallbox is $475 wile the UWC is $595.

The charging units can be found here.