Torqueedo uses BMW i3 batteries in boat propulsion system

The BMW Group is supplying lithium-ion batteries from its Dingolfing plant to German company Torqeedo. The marine drive system manufacturer is using them for energy storage in its high-performance Deep Blue electric drive systems. Torqeedo was founded in 2005 in Starnberg, Germany and is leading on a global basis as a provider of electric and hybrid propulsion systems for motorboats from 1 to 160 HP for sailing yachts and commercial marine applications, such as ferries and water taxis.

The 30.5 kWh BMW i3 pack offered by Torqeedo has a usable capacity of 30.5 kWh and retails for €29,397 (US$33,285) (19% VAT included, plus shipping charges.) The pack carries a 9-year warranty. 9 years after commissioning, the batteries will still have 80% of their original capacity, even if used every day. Battery ageing is transparent and can be tracked by the user in the on-board computer at any time.