Toyota Bringing Hybrid Powertrain Production to U.S.


Toyota is investing $373.8 million into five manufacturing plants in the United States to support production of hybrid powertrains and to bring the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) to the company’s Alabama plant. Upgrades begin this year with final completion depending on project, but finishing by 2020.

The investments are being distributed as follows:

  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing, KY – $120,960,000
  • Bodine Aluminum Jackson, TN – $14,500,000
  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing, WV – $115,300,000
  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing, AL – $106,000,000
  • Bodine Aluminum Troy, MO – $17,050,000

“This investment is part of our long-term commitment to build more vehicles and components in the markets in which we sell them,” said Jim Lentz, CEO, Toyota Motor North America. “This strategy is designed to better serve our customers and dealers, and positions our manufacturing operations to fulfill their needs well into the future.”

The investments will include adding new production of hybrid transaxles (hybrid vehicle transmissions) at the Buffalo, West Virginia, manufacturing facility; expanding 2.5-liter engine capacity at the Georgetown, Kentucky, plant; increasing production of 2.5-liter cylinder heads at Bodine Aluminum’s Troy, Missouri, plant; and modifying the Bodine Jackson, Tennessee, plant to accommodate production of hybrid transaxle cases and housings and 2.5-liter engine blocks. The Huntsville, Alabama, plant will undergo a comprehensive upgrade to enable it to build engines that complement TNGA.

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