Unplugged Performance Reveals “Dark Knight” Model S Plaid


Tesla tuner Unplugged Performance has unveiled it’s latest Complete Vehicle program tuner: The Dark Knight Model S-APEX Plaid. Based on the Tesla Model S in its Plaid configuration, the Dark Knight is the latest Complete Vehicle program of bespoke Tesla tuners from Unplugged Performance.

“With Dark Knight, we’ve set out to create the ultimate daily driven supercar. It showcases our commitment to pushing the boundaries of Tesla’s capabilities and resonates with enthusiasts who value both raw speed and environmental consciousness. With its supercar-level presence and power, combined with the versatility of a family sedan, it’s the best all-in-one car I’ve ever experienced.” –Ben Schaffer, CEO of Unplugged Performance

The tuner upgrades the Tesla Model S Plaid with aerodynamic, braking, suspension, and luxury modifications to turn the performance model into a true hypercar. Extensive carbon fiber were added to the Model S Plaid in this design, widening the body for a more aggressive stance. The wider body allows for 21-inch lightweight UP-03 forged monoblock wheels and racing tires to match.

The rear end downforce on the Dark Knight is from a partnership between Unplugged Performance and Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing. The carbon fiber longtail spoiler that resulted is counterbalanced by an Autobahn front carbon fiber diffuser.

A sleek satin black finish with exposed carbon fiber finishes the Dark Knight’s look on the outside.

Under the bodywork, Unplugged Performance improved suspension and braking. This includes the company’s Sports Dynamic Lowering kit, adjustable rear sway bar, and billet aluminum adjustable control arms. Braking is from carbon ceramic brakes on all four wheels and a carbon fiber brake cooling duct system with block-off plates for everyday driving.


The interior of the Model S Plaid was revamped by Unplugged Performance in collaboration with von Holzhausen. Banbu vegan leather in Serrano red adorns the seating, door panels, console, and dashboard.

The Model S-APEX Plaid Dark Knight can be ordered through the Unplugged Performance Complete Vehicle program.