Voith Turbo Introduces E-Drive System for Buses


Voith Turbo as introduced a complete electric drive system for buses. The drive system was originally conceptualized as a prototype for a Solaris Urbino Bus, but it can be integrated into vehicles from other manufacturers without restrictions.

With a torque of 2,250 N·m and an output of 260 kW, the liquid-cooled permanent magnet motor with high-efficiency inverter and smart energy management system provides strong driving performance and does not require a separate transmission. The system can even efficiently operate heavy articulated buses.

The compact design of the drive means that it is not only low in weight but also low in noise emissions and maintenance. The consistently employed lightweight design approach makes it possible to minimize any surplus weight, which in turn has a positive effect on energy consumption and consequently the achievable range.

The targeted brake force recuperation of the drive positively affects mileage. The fact that all components are cooled with water increases reliability and performance and makes it possible to reduce noise emissions during operation.

The range of the demonstrator bus currently exceeds 200 km (124 miles). This corresponds to the total daily operation of a conventional city bus line. In the coming years, this range is expected to increase thanks to further developments in battery technology, Voith said.